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  • State of Emergency: ER overuse is costly The economic impact of unnecessary emergency department use is significant. The cost of an ER visit is, on average, $580 more than the cost of a regular doctor’s office visit.
  • Taking Steps to Protect Privacy and Control Losses Today’s world of electronic transactions, mobile employees and cloud computing presents a range of efficiency and operational benefits, but also a great potential for security breach.
  • Meditation Can Help to Reduce Workplace Errors Have you ever driven right past your own exit on the highway? Or opened the refrigerator door and realized that you forgot what you went there for? These are common examples of not living in the moment.  
  • Return-to-work programs reduce injury costs Job-related injuries are costly to employers both in terms of workers’ compensation and lost productivity. In response, some communities are implementing “return-to-work” programs to help them manage and reduce these costs.


This MIIA Town was originally settled in 1639 by Reverend Ezekiel Rogers. It is named after the English town where Reverend Rogers was pastor for 20 years before coming to America

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- Workers' Compensation

On April 3, Niko Pappas, MIIA’s workers’ compensation claims manager, discussed workers’ compensation, workplace safety and job-related disabilities during a presentation to approximately 250 attendees at the Law Institute of the Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials.

MIIA members who would like more information on this presentation may contact Niko Pappas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

- Risk Console Trainings for 2014

MIIA's online Workers' Compensation claims reporting tool, Risk Console, is over two years old! Over 50% of all Worker's Compensation claims are now being reported online by the members.

To schedule individual Risk Console trainings for both reporting claims and view Loss Reports, please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

More about RiskConsole Online Claims Reporting. Read more