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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

MMA Annual Meeting Features Timely, In-Depth Workshops

Published in News on by Lin Chabra, MIIA Membership Training Coordinator

The 2019 MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show will feature important MIIA events, including in-depth workshops and the MIIA luncheon.

At the annual MIIA luncheon, Dave Chase, co-founder of Health Rosetta and author of “CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World Class Health Care to Your Employees at Half the Cost,” will provide a non-political roadmap to solving one of America’s biggest problems: skyrocketing health care costs. Chase’s most recent book is “The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call: Health Care is Stealing the American Dream. Here’s How We Take It Back.”

The Annual Meeting workshop sessions will be beneficial for town managers and administrators, department heads, and job supervisors, among others.

The following workshops and Learning Lab are eligible for MIIA Rewards:

• Artificial Intelligence and Risk Screening: Developments in Workers’ Compensation Risk Management: Explore approaches to both short- and long-term improvements in a high-performance workers’ compensation program. This will include taking advantage of new scientific discoveries in human behavior, using predictive analytics to monitor performance and drive change, and addressing the psycho-social-economic dimensions implicit in many work-related injuries.

• Building Strong Relationships Between Managers and Police Chiefs: The relationship between the town administrator and police chief is critical to developing and maintaining a high-performing team. A panel of police chiefs and administrators will discuss how they built success by working together.

• Facilities Management Best Practices Can Help Your Bottom Line: Learn about facilities awareness training for managers, administrators and selectmen, with a focus on energy conservation, capital planning, and operational budgeting as the main components of a highly effective program.

• Growing Pains: Municipal Best Practices for the Marijuana Industry: This how-to session will address topics including negotiating host community agreements, changing zoning bylaws and ordinances, and how to treat money from marijuana establishments.

• Hot Topics in Municipal Law: Municipal attorneys will discuss the impact of key federal and state court cases, agency decisions, new laws and developing issues.

  • Initiatives in Municipal IT: Staying safe and getting the most from information technology can be a daunting task for local IT staff and municipal officials. This workshop will cover the new IT Health Check, best practices developed through the Community Compact Cabinet, and other helpful IT tips for municipal officials.

• Labor Law Update: New Laws, Recent Cases and Agency Decisions: Evolving legal issues in the areas of workplace safety, equal pay, injured-on-duty benefits, union agency fees, and other major court cases, agency decisions and legislation will have significant impacts on municipal labor and employment policies. This panel includes employment and labor law attorneys with experience in public sector law, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

• #MeToo in Town Hall: Creating a Safe, Respectful Workplace: Learn the steps to a safe workplace from experienced investigators and practitioners. Panelists will provide examples and code-of-conduct policies that attendees can bring to city or town hall and start making a difference right away.

• Proactive and Practical Steps to Reduce Municipal Cyber Risk: How do you protect your community from a cyber attack? Learn from industry professionals about the growing wave of cybersecurity attacks in cities and towns across the country and practical guidance to protect your community.

• Recognizing and Responding to Opioid Issues in the Municipal Workforce and Your Community: Understand how addiction works and the impact it has on loved ones, the workplace and the community. Particular attention will be paid to what addiction looks like and what you can do to support employees who may be exhibiting signs of addiction.

• Shining a Light on the Public Records Law: Panelists will explain changes made to the law in 2017, including the responsibilities of records access officers, fee limits, record production deadlines, online posting requirements, electronic format preferences and the records access officer petition process.

• Succession Planning Tips to Achieve Unity Through Diversity: Learn the basics of succession planning: How to determine mission-critical positions and assess workforce interest and employee readiness; the importance of a knowledge transfer assessment tool; and how to use innovative alternative methods for staffing.

  • The Price Is Right: Learning Procurement Basics: Panelists will describe the basic types of procurements prescribed for municipalities by Massachusetts General Law and the thresholds that apply to each. Learn how to plot a course from need to procurement, contract and contract administration.

• Operating with Transparency: Open Meeting Law 101: Learn about the open meeting law’s requirements, how to give proper notice of a meeting, rules regarding executive session, how to create and maintain accurate minutes, and how to successfully navigate the complaint process.

• Introduction to DLS Safety Standards – OSHA for the Public Sector (Learning Lab): Learn about the new workplace safety legislation that extends federal OSHA standards to local governments. The Department of Labor Standards will discuss the updated law, employer responsibilities to reduce work-related injury, resources for implementation, and how DLS will enforce the new law.

Another workshop of interest to MIIA members and all local officials, though it is is not eligible for MIIA Rewards, is Health Literacy Is Key to Lowering Health Care Costs. Health literacy correlates with use and spending; the more employees know, the more they realize that health care isn’t always good for them. This session will give attendees a chance to play Quizzify, a health literacy tool, and learn firsthand how health literacy can improve health choices.

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