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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Health Benefits Trust Advantage

MIIA takes a holistic approach to helping you manage your health insurance and workplace wellness environment. We provide a wide range of health and dental insurance products in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the highly respected leader and innovator in health insurance.

Only MIIA offers Well Aware, a workplace wellness program that offers onsite and online options to help employees and their families lead more vibrant, healthy and productive lives.

Well Aware

But insurance is just part of what we can do for you. We also help you actively manage your health care needs. We’re willing to work with you – hands-on and onsite – to develop a picture of your current and long-term needs. We are then able to identify opportunities to reduce your risks and implement customized programs to address those risks – always with an eye toward managing your health care costs over time without compromising quality. No other provider offers this kind of long-term commitment or this level of local involvement. It’s what makes MIIA, MIIA.

Smart Choice

Our Smart Choice Strategy approaches health benefit coverage as an ongoing process that builds value combining your goals and data-driven results.

Step One


We listen to your situation and goals, and then explain the opportunities that some of the more recent federal and municipal health reform changes might affect your coverage.

Step Two

Analysis and Projection

We analyze your existing coverages, assess how well they meet your needs, and gain some under- standing of how those needs may change over the coming years.

Step Three

Implement Multi-Year

We work with you to develop a common vision of how quality coverage can be maintained and savings can be realized over the long term. Then we help you create and implement a multi-year strategy that everyone can agree to.