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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Medicare Part D and Blue Medicare RX

MIIA provides members support for both Medicare Part D and Blue Medicare RX.

Medicare Part D Assistance

Creditable Coverage Notice Requirement

Under the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, you are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to notify your Medicare eligible employees and retirees, their spouses and dependents annually of the creditable coverage status of your prescription drug plan (s). To assist you, MIIA has included a SAMPLE Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice below.

This Notice should be provided to all Medicare eligible individuals covered under your prescription drug coverage. For example, these individuals could be on your active plans in some cases, disabled, on COBRA or retired. To be certain that the Notice reaches spouses and dependents that may be Medicare eligible, the Notice should be sent to all employees and retirees.

Many groups use their open enrollment timeframe to send out the Notice. However, the Notice must be received no later than October 15th each year. It should also be provided by the employer to any Medicare eligible employee and/or retiree, spouse or dependent that is new to a plan or changes plans. It is essential that the employer provide this Notice to plan participants at these times and also upon request. If a plan participant does not have a Notice and then attempts to elect a Part D plan at another time, the participant may be subject to a late enrollment premium penalty.

Please keep copies of the Notice provided on file as a plan participant could request it from the employer at any time.

Blue Medicare Rx

Many MIIA members that have adopted the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP), Blue Medicare Rx. As a federally regulated product, Blue Medicare Rx, can become a little complicated. With Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we created an online resource to help you navigate this new territory. Click on to find "Plan Sponsor Guide for Part D" for all groups, sample communication for new and renewing accounts, important contact information and helpful links. 

Please take a moment to visit the site and certainly provide Monica Smigliani, Chris Bailey or your Account Executive with any feedback.

A MIIA Account Executive can help you determine the best possible coverage for your municipal group.

If you have any questions, please contact Monica Smigliani 1-800-374-4405, x264, Chris Bailey at x268 or your Account Executive.