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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

MIIA and Agility Recovery Solutions

Since 1989 Agility Recovery has established a proven record of assisting customers in times of great need.

Their suite of recovery services falls into four basic categories:

Temporary Power Generation

Agility has a network of vendors who will guarantee access to emergency generators of varying sizes and will coordinate delivery, installation and fuel to member towns

Computer System Recovery

Agility stores computers, servers, fax machines and printers as well as in-house technicians who will assist with data recovery after an emergency

Office Space

Mobile office space and equipment that can be brought on-site following a loss – scalable to fit any need


Satellite connections to restore phone, internet and data

Disaster Recovery

  • There is no up-front cost to members to participate in this unique program.
  • Services are available to member cities, towns and regional school districts throughout the state.
  • Access to these services applies to both insured losses as well as non-insured losses.
  • In the event of an actual disaster, and depending on nature of the services needed, members may have to assume some cost if the loss is not covered by insurance.
  • Since access to some equipment is virtually impossible following certain catastrophes, MIIA’s participation in the program will ensure access to critical recovery resources.


Pre-loss Preparedness Portal

Agility offers myAgility to support pre-loss preparedness efforts. myAgility is a secure online portal allowing each MIIA member to create and update their disaster recovery plans, identify key emergency operation sites, store documents and send alert notifications.

Login to the myAgility Portal to access your benefits.

To learn more about the disaster preparedness and recovery services available to you through MIIA’s alliance with Agility contact 617-426-7272 x250.

You just can’t wait until (an emergency) happens. You’ve got to be prepared…MIIA works with us throughout the year, so we’re cognizant of potential storm-related issues.

Rocco Longo, Marshfield Town Administrator MIIA Annual Report