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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Well Aware Advantage

MIIA's vision is for all employees and their family members to live healthy, vibrant, and productive lives. Well Aware activities promote wellbeing through policy design, awareness and education, skill building, social connection, and fun.

We focus on promoting wellbeing both on the individual (career, emotional, physical, community, social, and financial wellbeing) and the group level. We help you create the environment within which employees are motivated to make healthy choices: a great place for your employees to work where they feel connected, valued, and supported and find purpose in their work.

Well Aware helps people make healthy choices in the areas of their lives that they can control: optimism, stress management, diet, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and health care utilization. And these lifestyle behaviors impact key municipal cost drivers such as cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and respiratory conditions, diabetes, obesity, depression, and inappropriate use of the medical care system. Individual and organizational wellbeing also impacts productivity, disability, and absenteeism.

At Well Aware, our team understands that a positive culture and climate are necessary to the success of any worksite or wellbeing initiative.

Well Aware programs are always at no additional cost to your employees and their families.

A healthy workforce benefits both the Town and our staff, plus the net impact of these programs is impressive and enhances employee morale.

Ryan Ferrara, Middleton, Assistant Town Administrator Wicked Local Boxford

Well Power

Amesbury’s Well Power program combined wise consumer presentations, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and weight loss programs for employees. The wise consumer workshops contributed to…

23% reduction in emergency room visits

38% decrease in ER expenditures

What’s healthy for your employees is also healthy for your organization. After all, healthy employees have more energy, have better morale and are more productive at work.