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We are you – the cities, towns and public entities of Massachusetts.

We provide insurance for you, our members, but our products and services exist only to meet the needs expressed by our members – not the needs of an insurance conglomerate.

  • 400+ members
  • 50+ credits
  • 100+ grants

Personal. Customized. Data-driven. Strategic. Most important, uniquely yours.

At MIIA, we have one and only one priority – you, our members. You’re over 400 strong. That’s 400 cities, towns and public entities creating a diverse workforce. As the nonprofit membership service of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, our job is to protect and serve you. We’re responsive partners, listening, learning and launching health and safety programs that we know matter to you, because you help innovate them.

We’re proactive partners, offering long-term risk control strategies and wellness prevention and education programs. We’re hands-on partners, working one on one with you and your community to realistically assess your goals for now and into the future. And we're local partners - Massachusetts-based, with the regional knowledge needed to provide you with comprehensive and customized solutions that meet your specific needs – with and the perfect combination of protection and pricing.

    Plans Include:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Plans
  • Property & Liability Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Programs

    Programs & Services Include:

  • Well Aware health & wellness program
  • Risk Management trainings & programs
  • MIIA Rewards & Grants programs

Our Collective Buying Power at Work

We’re one of the largest municipal insurance pools in the nation. That gives us buying power. We use that power to help you get the best possible value for your insurance dollar. That means spending no more than necessary for exactly the coverage you need – nothing more and nothing less. It also means providing resources to help you fight back against rising insurance costs by discovering and addressing your risks wherever they lie.