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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts


We are you – the cities, towns and public entities of Massachusetts. We provide insurance for you, our members, but our products and services exist only to meet the needs expressed by our members – not the needs of an insurance conglomerate.

Our Collective Buying Power at Work

We’re one of the largest municipal insurance pools in the nation. That gives us buying power. We use that power to help you get the best possible value for your insurance dollar. That means spending no more than necessary for exactly the coverage you need – nothing more and nothing less. It also means providing resources to help you fight back against rising insurance costs by discovering and addressing your risks wherever they lie.

We’re With You for the Long Run

Ours is an ongoing relationship. Our job is to help you establish long-term strategic risk management and health care programs – whatever that involves. We work with you and your community – hands on – to realistically assess your goals for now and for the foreseeable future. Then we craft flexible solutions that meet your specific needs – with the perfect combination of protection and pricing.

A Bit of History

MIIA got its start in 1982 as a safety group that promoted safety and loss prevention for municipal employees. The resulting reduction in on-the-job injuries allowed participating cities and towns to take advantage of lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Four years later, the MIIA Workers' Compensation Group, Inc. was formed to provide Workers' Compensation coverage to Massachusetts’ cities, towns and other governmental entities.

MIIA subsequently formed the MIIA Property and Liability Group in 1987 and the MIIA Health Benefits Trust in 1992. The Property and Liability Group and the Workers' Compensation Group merged in 1998.

All of these programs provide insurance coverage to municipalities and other governmental entities in the Commonwealth and MIIA serves as administrator for their programs. MIIA, the Groups, and the Trust are non-profit organizations, governed by Boards of Directors and Trustees composed primarily of officials from member municipalities.

Our Members are Good Insurance Risks

In addition to insurance coverage, the Groups provide a broad range of risk management services with emphasis on loss control and loss management. We hold the fundamental belief that cities, towns and all public entities are good insurance risks, and that they can manage their claims given the proper tools and proper level of service.

High-quality wellness programs, risk management, claims administration, superior customer service, and a singular focus on local government have proven to be an extremely effective approach.

MIIA was formed as an organization committed to the principles of trust, integrity, service, partnership and competence. It is governed with a unique understanding of the needs and perspectives of local government. Now, after more than three decades, we are more convinced than ever that the MIIA model is sound, and that these operating values are vitally important.

When MIIA was formed, it was at a time when cities and towns were faced with uncontrollable increases in insurance costs. Constrained by budgets at the local level, municipalities were at the mercy of private insurance companies – until MIIA came along.

Stephen Kulik, State Representative MIIA Annual Report