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MIIA FY24 Risk Management Grant Image

MIIA FY24 Risk Management Grant

We believe that effective management can only be achieved through a strong partnership with our members. The MIIA Grant Program provides members with solutions for effective risk management, enhanced safety practices, and greater asset preservation. For the Risk Management Grant MIIA members can apply for a grant or grants totaling up to $10,000 per municipal entity. Total funding for this grant is one million dollars.

More Information

When workplace accidents happen, our number one priority is to ensure that the injured employee quickly gets the most appropriate treatment. After that our emphasis shifts to monitoring and managing that care with a clear goal of helping the employee safely return to work within an appropriate amount of time.

Each incident is assigned a team consisting of a senior claims adjuster and a nurse case manager. It's a coordinated, personal approach that benefits workers while also helping to hold down claims costs.

Occupational Health Network Map found here.

How to Report a Workers' Compensation Claim

Municipalities must Report a Fatality or Catastrophe to the Department of Labor Standards

A Full Selection of Plans

All plans comply with Massachusetts’s statute requirements and rates, including experience modification calculations.

Rapid Response for Greater Productivity

The sooner a senior claims adjuster and nurse case manager are able to respond to a work-related injury, the less of a strain the incident will place on both the employee and the employer.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

We are committed to preventing accidents before they occur. Our experts regularly inspect work sites and offer suggestions and advice on how to make things safer. When appropriate, they also recommend employee training.

We Fight for What's Right

In the interest of our members, we must sometimes challenge unwarranted or exaggerated claims. Thanks in part to our training programs supporting greater diligence and responsiveness by member communities, we have been quite successful in pursuing these challenges.

Low, Stable Costs

As a nonprofit self-insurance pool, MIIA's Workers Compensation Group offers significant discounts to offset costs. Our impressive record of dividends and other credits shows that our approach really does help reduce Workers Compensation costs.