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Our Local Roots Run Deep

It all started in 1982. At the time, MIIA's mission was to promote safety and loss prevention for municipal employees. And that we did.

The practices we pioneered led to reduction in on-the-job injuries. That in turn meant lower Workers Compensation insurance premiums for cities and towns across the state. Now more than 40 years later, those coverages have expanded through the formation of MIIA Property & Casualty Group and the MIIA Health Benefits Trust. The MIIA entities are nonprofit organizations governed by Boards of Directors and Trustees composed primarily of government officials from member municipalities - providing a unique understanding and perspective by, of and for local government.

Mission & Goals

MIIA was formed as an organization committed to the principles of trust, integrity, service, partnership and competence. It is governed with a unique understanding of the needs and perspectives of local government. Now, after more than four decades, we are more convinced than ever that the MIIA model is sound, and that these operating values are vitally important. Our Mission is to serve the insurance needs of the local governments in the Commonwealth. We accomplish this through the following stated goals:


To bring long-term stability to the municipal insurance marketplace.


To set the standard of quality and responsiveness.


To provide the best possible insurance coverage for the local governments at the most affordable yet prudent cost.

Superior Service

To provide superior service and assistance to local governments.

Preferred Choice

To offer local governments a preferred choice to private insurance which works to keep the entire municipal marketplace competitive.


To provide local governments with innovative products and services that help reduce overall insurance costs.


To build and maintain trust and integrity with local governments, as a municipal insurance program guided and governed by municipal officials in the public interest.

Recent Achievements

We pride ourselves on our recent 100% member retention achievement across all programs.