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Wellness Coaching

Change your behavior. Change your life.

Do you need help with setting and following through on your health goals? For example, to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, stress less, or learn to meditate? Have you been thinking about making these changes and you just can’t seem to get started? If yes, you could be a perfect partner for a MIIA health coach.


Just contact one of our certified wellness coaches and set up your first call.

Janet Fontana –

Jen Fournier –

Trish Hart –

Lori Lambert-Osburn –

Jerry Posner-

Heidi Roth -

Tricia Silverman –


This is a private, personal and convenient way to create your own strategies for feeling better, being healthier, and getting stronger in both body and spirit. Click to learn more about each MIIA Wellness Coach. Read what some of our coaching clients have shared about their experiences.

For more information, download our Wellness Coaching Flyer click here.


Jen Fournier: Jen is passionate about learning how she can help others make small, but impactful changes in their lives. Jen is a Certified Wellness Coach, registered dietitian, and becoming a Mindful Eating Facilitator and Journey Dance Teacher. Jen has been an educator in Cardiac Rehab leading hundreds of classes and cooking groups to recovering out-patients geared at aiding in improved eating, leaner bodies, and increased feelings of choice and well-being. Jen believes in eating whole foods to improve poor eating patterns and chronic health conditions. Her clients find success in, heart health, weight loss, mindfulness, holistic choices; healthy for mind and body, and eating healthier.


Janet Fontana: Janet Fontana is a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach with a Master’s Degree in Health Education. Over the past four years, Janet also works with the staff and faculty at Tufts University. People appreciate her non-judgmental, personalized approach to meeting them where they are and helping them move toward their unique wellness goals. Her clients have achieved success in a variety of areas, including weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, increased physical activity, stress management, and better sleep. Janet will provide the resources, accountability, and cheerleading you need along your path to improved health and well-being.


Trish Hart: Trish Hart brings a dynamic and engaging approach to health and well-being coaching, focused on enriching client’s overall quality of life. With an MBA from Boston University and training in health coaching and mindfulness from Duke Integrative Medicine, along with stress management expertise from the Benson Henry Institute, Trish combines business knowledge with holistic wellness practices. Additionally, she is highly skilled at therapeutic yoga, sound therapy, and meditation, enriching her holistic approach to guiding individuals on their wellness journey.  Trish also serves as a corporate trainer and subject expert in various mind-body topics such as stress management, sleep, habit formation, happiness, and self-care. Trish's end goal is to empower her clients with a science-based strategy that cultivates healthy habits, enabling them to improve their overall well-being and age well.


Lori Lambert-Osburn: Lori has over 12 years experience as a clinical dietitian in a variety of settings, and has over 14 years experience teaching life sciences. She has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork for seven years, and received her 500 hour yoga teaching certificate in 2017. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening, and creative ventures (with paper, beads and/or fabric). At the heart of coaching is authentic relationships that support personal growth, discovery and transformation. Lori loves being part of someone's transformational journey. Helping others channel their strengths, honor their values and use their capacities on their change journey is a complete honor. Lori specializes in, Health/Wellness/Mindfulness coaching (holistic approach to diet, exercise, mindfulness, well-being, self-care, and healthy decision making).

Jerry Posner: Jerry is an accomplished strategic coach, training specialist, conference speaker, author, and consultant. For more than 30 years, he’s presented engaging and entertaining workshops, retreats, and programs for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. He’s an experienced and skilled teacher in the fields of customer service, leadership, communication skills, stress management, and as he says, “ways to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes at work … and in life!” Jerry is also a popular lecturer at Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox, Massachusetts, having presented over 2,500 inspirational, motivational lectures for their guests since 1993.


Tricia Silverman: Tricia Silverman is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor, and Smoking Cessation Facilitator. She is an international speaker and specializes in group wellness programs, as well as coaching services that have helped people enhance their wellness, sleep better, move more and weigh less. Tricia has won many awards for her work as a dietitian. She has written for and has been quoted in various publications, and her recipes have been featured on Tricia teaches Nutrition Entrepreneurship and Healthy Aging: Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Longevity for Northeastern University. Her areas of interest include weight loss, increasing physical activity, eating cleaner and healthier, organizing and optimizing schedules to include time for planning, shopping, cooking, physical activity, optimizing nutrition and weight loss for active aging, stress management, and improving sleep.


Heidi Roth: Heidi Roth is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian, Health Coach, and nutrition expert with a passion for health and wellness. Heidi spent the first part of her career as a critical care neonatal dietitian and pediatric nutrition specialist. She went on to found her own corporate wellness consulting business, with the goal of making science-based health recommendations simple, real, and fun. Today, Heidi shares her enthusiasm for nutrition and wellness virtually and in person through one-on-one coaching, webinars, worksite seminars, and healthy food demonstrations. She loves to help empower people to make small sustainable changes in their diet, exercise, sleep, and self-care habits that can have a huge impact on their overall well-being. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and skiing and considers herself to be a total foodie.

Wellness Coach Tricia is really the best benefit of my Blue Cross Blue Shield with MIIA. I should have mentioned that my cholesterol dropped from 230 to 179 along with the weight loss. I will sign up for any program Tricia does on top of the coaching.