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Risk Management Grants

We believe that effective management can only be achieved through a strong partnership with our members. The MIIA Grant Program provides members with solutions for effective risk management, enhanced safety practices, and greater asset preservation.

MIIA is excited to announce our Annual Risk Management Grant for FY25. This marks our 23rd year of providing members with resources and financial support in pursuit of important risk management and loss control initiatives. With funding of $1 million dollars, we strive to support a culture of safety and proactive risk management efforts across our membership.

Our focus remains on helping members mitigate the impact of evolving weather patterns and emerging cybersecurity challenges. These evolving weather patterns result in an increase in convective storms with high winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding creating tremendous risk of loss to building and water and sewer infrastructure. Under the Property and General Liability grants sections, there are specific opportunities to help mitigate the risk of loss in these areas. There’s also a Cyber section that outlines ways to address cybersecurity challenges. 

If you have any questions, please call your MIIA Risk Manager or Lin Chabra, MIIA Risk Management Manager, at 617-838-5941

For questions regarding MIIA Grants, please contact your MIIA Risk  Manager or Lin Chabra, MIIA Risk Management Manager at, 617-838-5941 or submit general questions to

FY25 Flex Grant

Through participation in the MIIA Rewards Program members are awarded credits for engaging in proactive risk management activities. These credits can be applied in the following fiscal year. FY24 Rewards credits may be used for a FY25 Flex Grant, to pay FY25 premium, or held on account. Flex Grants allow members to select risk management products or related services to assist their municipalities with risk management efforts. Members may request only ONE Rewards Flex Grant per fiscal year. (Please note: the New 1% Incentive Reward cannot be applied as a Flex Grant). Eligible items for consideration under the MIIA Flex Grant:

Eligible items to be considered under the MIIA Flex Grant in addition to those currently eligible under the MIIA Risk Management Grant Program include but are not limited to:

  • Building Maintenance: HVAC maintenance, mechanical failure/water connection, maintenance and replacement, pipe and sprinkler freeze protection and sensor program implementation, etc.
  • Building Vulnerability Testing: Roof insulation and overall building envelope conditions.
  • Cyber Risk Protection: assessments, backup systems, multi-factor authentication, endpoint or managed detection and response, training, and governance.
  •  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: programs and training.
  • Employee Training: safety, liability, management and technical training
  • Equipment: generators, automatic external defibrillators, two-way radios, GPS, tablets, street signs, etc.
  • Ergonomic Equipment: desks, chairs, monitor stands, etc.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: turnout gear, chaps, eye protection, gloves, hard hats, rain gear etc.
  • Program Policy Development: pavement management program, Mass Lead Containment Control Plan, Behavioral Safety De-escalation Plan,
    and Discrimination Prevention Plan
  • Remediation/Removal: asbestos, lead, mold, underground tanks, floor drains, hazardous waste
  • Repairs: roofs, gutters, walkways, stairs, lighting, playground equipment and replacement of safety surfacing
  • Services: tree pruning/removal, catch basin cleaning, sewer video/cleaning, parking lot paving, sidewalk repairs
  • Training: safety, liability, management and technical training
  • Video Cameras: installation/expansion of video observation cameras and recurring security monitoring fees, body cameras and dash cameras.



“The Town of Carver was granted funds for portable communication radios for Operations & Maintenance employees operating the bucket truck, working in trenches, forestry, etc. -- adding another level of safety for our employees. Thank you MIIA for continuing to support the purchase of these supplies for a small town like ours that has the same needs as some larger communities with larger budgets.”

Elaine Weston, Assistant Town Administrator/Human Resource Coordinator Town of Carver

“With grant funding from MIIA, Millis purchased a camera system to assist the DPW in sewer pipe and culvert inspections, locating breaks and blockages and inspecting catch basins. With MIIA funding this project the Town can respond proactively with early inspections and be able to quickly respond with the camera to find breaks in the Town’s infrastructure, which could lower costly claims. On behalf of the Town of Millis staff and residents, thank you.”

James F. McKay,  Director of Public Works Millis

“We used the MIIA risk management grant funds to mitigate property loss risk. Our Buildings and Grounds Department installed new carbon monoxide detectors in mechanical rooms to prevent injury and also installed gas burner shut off switches outside these rooms per new Massachusetts Department of Fire Services regulations. We purchased a thermal imaging camera to inspect electrical panels, mitigate water damage following a minor leak and locate areas of air infiltration that could potentially freeze sprinkler pipes.

We’re grateful for the grant funds and the positive impact they’ve made on the overall safety of our buildings. We look forward to working with MIIA to continue to improve our risk management strategies.”

Erik Wicander,  Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District