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Risk Management Grants

We believe that effective management can only be achieved through a strong partnership with our members. The MIIA Grant Program provides members with solutions for effective risk management, enhanced safety practices, and greater asset preservation.

For the Risk Management Grant MIIA members can apply for a grant or grants totaling up to $10,000 per municipal entity. Total funding for this grant is one million dollars. The Grant submittal deadline is October 21, 2022. Grants will be reviewed by October 31, 2022 and awards or denials announced by November 23, 2022.

This FY23 automated grant continues to focus heavily on property and cyber-related risk management. We strongly encourage you to coordinate your application with your Risk Manager so that your grant aligns with your loss experience. After your discussion click "Online Application" and proceed to fill out your MIIA Risk Management Grant request.

Grant submission tutorial- A virtual walkthrough of the MIIA Risk Management Grant online submittal process

For questions regarding MIIA Grants, please contact your risk management manager or Lin Chabra, Program Manager at, 617-838-5941 or submit general questions to

FY23 Flex Grant

Rewards credits are designed to reduce premiums in the following fiscal year. Members also have the option to leave the credits on account or take 100% of the Rewards credit, in a given year, as a Flex Grant. Flex Grants allow members to select risk management products or related services that will assist their municipalities in risk management efforts.

In the FY23 policy year (7/1/22-6/30/23) members have the opportunity to request an FY23 (based on FY22 Rewards) Flex Grant for related risk management equipment/products and services. Members may request only ONE Rewards Flex Grant per fiscal year.

Eligible items to be considered under the MIIA Flex Grant in addition to those currently eligible under the MIIA Risk Management Grant Program include but are not limited to:

  • Cyber Risk Prevention: assessments, equipment, etc.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: turnout gear, bulletproof vests, rain gear, etc.
  • Equipment: generators, automatic external defibrillators, two-way radios, GPS, tablets, street signs, etc.
  • Repairs: roofs, gutters, walkways, stairs, lighting, playground equipment and replacement of safety surfacing
  • Services: tree pruning/removal, catch basin cleaning, sewer video/cleaning, parking lot paving, sidewalk repairs
  • Remediation/Removal: asbestos, lead, mold, underground tanks, floor drains, hazardous waste
  • Ergonomic Equipment: desks, chairs, monitor stands, keyboard trays, etc.
  • Video Cameras: installation/expansion of video observation cameras and recurring security monitoring fees
  • Program Development: pavement management program, Mass Lead Containment Control Plan
  • Training and Updates: safety training and legal updates
  • Employment Practices Liability Assessment: i.e. pay equity analysis

This piece of equipment has been of great value to our maintenance department in preventing back and muscle strains., as well as falls, when working above grade level. Without this addition, our men were working without a harness in an unsecured manner and were more susceptible to falls and injury due to the inherent nature of this type of work. This could have resulted in injury to the men. We truly appreciate the MIIA grant award.

Alice Sheridan, Assistant Executive Director Gloucester Housing Authority

The town of West Boylston applied for and was granted a Loss Control Grant which was used to install heated roof cables on a portion of our Library roof over our wheelchair ramp. We also installed the heating cables in the gutter and downspout in that area. The following is a quote from Library Director Anna Shaw,

‘We were so happy to receive the grant from MIIA to install the heated roof cables. For many years, we had problems with ice dams forming on our roof, dripping and re-freezing on our handicapped ramp, creating hazardous icy conditions. These heated cables now help the ice melt more quickly. This grant gave us the funding we needed to get this work done. Thank you!’

We are grateful for our partnership with MIIA and much appreciate the professional staff that is always there to answer our questions, offer their professional advice

Nancy Lucier, West Boylston's Town Administrator Town of West Boylston

The Town of Ludlow would like to thank you for the FY21 Grant. With this grant we were able to supply our tree crew with improved safety gear for protection and communication. The communication system in the safety helmet allows the worker in the aerial lift ,who is doing the cutting, to communicate with the crew on the ground clearing brush. The personal voltage detectors will protect the tree crew when working on trees near utility wires. It will alert them when there is a live wire and to stay away from the areas until the utility crew comes and shuts off the power,'The traffic cones, barrels, and signs are being used to increase safety in the work zones on road projects. It provides our crew with more security and safety by alerting motorists of the work ahead .

Jim Goodrequ, Ludlow Assistant Town Engineer Ludlow

The Wilmington Police Department received $1,484.00 to purchase an electrostatic sprayer misting gun and disinfectant to help disinfect our police cruisers and shared working s pace due to COVID. With 3 shifts continuously working every day; sharing police cruisers and equipment, our procedure of requiring cleaning of vehicles at the beginning and end of each shift was time consuming to day the least. The addition of this electrostatic sprayer through this MIIA safety grant helped keep our office safe and expedited our disinfecting procedures tremendously.

Joseph, A. Desmond, Wilmington Chief of Police Wilmington

The Town of Wayland would like to thank MIIA for providing a grant to help fund the purchase of multi-gas detection equipment to protest town employees by monitoring potentially hazardous work environments. The purchase of these devices will provide employees working in potentially dangerous environments with tools to safely monitor for dangerous gasses. This will add a new layer of protection. The new detectors will also be easier to use and maintain. All users will be trained in the use and maintenance of this equipment.The town is very appreciative of this grant as we have faced many challenges in this COVID environment . We believe that this grant will allow personnel to operate more safely in hazardous environments. Thank you for your support and investment.

Louise Miller, Wayland Town Administrator Wayland

The funds for Northeast Municipal were used to purchase lock out gear for the Town Highway vehicles, as well as cameras for the Highway Garage. The lock out gear will benefit the Highway Department employees as it is a safety measure installed in their vehicles to protect them when they are routinely working outside their vehicles. The cameras will benefit the Highway Garage by providing protection from vandalism of highway equipment. Thank you for your support of the MIIA Risk Management Program as it allows those of us in smaller communities to carry out these types of needed projects for which there is not priority funding.

Andrea Llamas, Northfield Town Administrator Northbridge