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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Fitness/Exercise Videos

Workout at home with your favorite MIIA fitness instructors! This is a fun and challenging opportunity to get and keep fit from the convenience of your own home on your own time. 


Sit For 60, Move For 5


Quick & Easy Stretches You Can Do At Work

A series of stretches that can be in the workplace...or in the home office! 


Couch to 5K: Tips on how to train and complete a 5K!



15 Minutes: Upper Body Express with Paul Connolly 

In this class, you will work through a variety of exercises to strengthen, tone, and bring awareness to the upper body and core muscles. Having a strong upper body and core aid in improving posture, decreasing low back pain, and improving overall fitness. A mat, small cushion, and resistance band are required. Appropriate for all levels.


25 Minutes: Gentle Mindful Yoga with Katie Schroeder

This class is a slower-paced, mindful, yoga practice for all levels that incorporates gentle yoga poses with breathwork. Dissolve tension and calm the mind in this nourishing mind-body practice. A mat is recommended. Appropriate for all levels.


20-Minutes: Core workout with Katie O'Connell McCarron

Strengthen and tone not just your abdominals but a variety of muscles from your hips to your shoulders.  Building a strong core will help to prevent injuries, low back pain, and improve posture and balance.  Suitable for all fitness levels and requires nothing more than a mat and sneakers.


3-Minutes: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts with Kate Kuzminski

Get a great workout in a short amount of time with our three, three-minute, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) videos. HIIT training refers to short periods of activity followed by periods of rest. All exercises can be modified so whether you are an avid exerciser or a beginner you will improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and tone your muscles, burn calories, and boost your metabolism. Choose from the below HIIT workouts to get your body moving! We encourage you to start with the warm-up video. No equipment is required other than your sneakers and water. Appropriate for all levels


30-Minutes: Beginner Bootcamp with Kate Kuzminski

This total body workout includes a warm-up, light cardio bodyweight exercises, and a cool down.  Appropriate for all levels. A pillow and chair are required and weights are optional.


30-Minutes: Cardio, Core & More with Linda Ubertini

Improve your endurance and strength as you work through a combination of cardio, abdominal, and resistance movements. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Mat recommended - no additional equipment required. 


15-Minutes: Quick-Abs with Katie Guyer

This quick abdominal workout will help build a strong core to maintain good posture, balance & mobility within the body. A strong, stable core protects the spine & lower back reducing the chance of injury. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Mat or towel recommended.


20-Minutes: Yoga for Backs with Suzie Goldstein

This gentle class will bring relief to your back and legs. This class incorporates gentle movements paired with breath work to help you gain flexibility and strength while also relieving stress and fatigue. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Mat or towel recommended.


30-Minutes: Total Body Workout with Charlie Ross

This total body workout will target all major muscle groups and can be done using your own body weight. The workout is full of tried and true classics, from squats and lunges to pushups and more. Appropriate for all levels. Dumbbells can be used but are not required.


30-Minutes: Mat 1 Pilates (class for all levels) with Jayne Schmitz

Pilates builds strength, creating a sleek, toned body. This class will focus on building abdominal strength and core stability while bringing awareness to the breath and the body as a whole. Appropriate for all levels. No equipment needed.


30-Minutes: Men's Fitness with Charlie Ross

Improve your muscular strength and endurance as you work through strength circuits pairing the chest and legs, and shoulders and back. The workout will close with a core and lower body circuit along with a brief cool down. Appropriate for all levels. Single dumbbell recommended for this workout.



15-Minutes: Lower Body Workout with Charlie Ross

Strengthen and tone your legs and glutes as you move through a series of lower body exercises. No equipment needed. Appropriate for all fitness levels. 


30-Minutes: Barre and Tone with Toni Manzon

This class will take you through a series of traditional barre exercises to strengthen, lengthen, and improve muscle tone and flexibility. Appropriate for all fitness levels - no equipment needed.


35-Minutes: Intermediate Bootcamp with Katie O'Connell McCarron

This full-body workout will strengthen all major muscle groups and incorporate cardio fitness to give you a well-rounded workout. Workout can be done with or without dumbbells.


There are no Fitness/Exercise Videos at this time.