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MIIA Rewards was developed to help reduce municipal and pool loss experience, educate members on issues of topical interest, and establish prevention and maintenance best practices.

The concept is simple: develop innovative programs in these areas and make it financially worthwhile for our members to implement them. It’s a program that educates members on topical issues while establishing best practices for prevention and maintenance. By participating in the program, you can earn premium credits towards your next policy year. On average, MIIA rewards over $2 million in premium annual credits to the MIIA membership, totaling $40.3 million to-date. After all, the simpler and more rewarding we make our incentive programs, the more tools and know-how you’ll have to mitigate risk before it becomes a real problem.

FY22 Program Details:

The FY22 Rewards Program is now available. Each year the Rewards guidelines and criteria are developed based on the pool loss experience and member feedback. As a result of the increase in the frequency and severity of property loss in the MIIA pool in FY19 and FY20, FY21 Rewards will continue to focus on property loss prevention while also addressing other municipal loss areas.



Below is a list of programs, forms, and sample policies that are either required or provided as samples to assist our members with the administration of their MIIA Rewards program. 

Auto Liability

General Liability

Law Enforcement Liability

Professional Lines

Property Liability

Workers' Compensation

See more best practices and resources here.



MIIA Training Eligibility 

Our Risk Management Department tracks ALL MIIA related training and your attendance is automatically applied to the applicable coverage line.  Rewards credits for training are applied as follows:
Less than 2 hrs = .25%    2 hrs - 5 hrs = .5%  Over 5 hrs= 1% 

All submissions will be reviewed for credit consideration.