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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Driver Training

Posted on October 19th, 2016 in Training & Testing

EVOC - (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course)

This full day program provides your police officers an opportunity to hone their driving skills.  Using their own cruisers, officers guided by MIIA's certified instructors, will operate their vehicles through several courses replicating conditions found in police operations.  This course will also consist of 2-3 hours of classroom instruction with focus on emergency response, vehicle maintenance, and on-scene risk management. 

Due to high course demand participation is usually limited to two (2) officers per day.

EVDT - (Fire) Train the Trainer

This half day program is presented in a train the trainer format.  The instructor will provide information so that the department training officer can present the material to their own staff at their leisure.  The program emphasizes the safe operation of the  fire apparatus in emergency and non-emergency conditions.

Public Safety  Driving Simulator

MIIA's state-of-the -art driving simulator program enables the operator to experience a great number of driving scenarios and conditions encountered in emergency vehicle operations without the risk.  MIIA has recently added a  fire truck cab insert to help provide custom training to our fire departments in addition to the crown victoria module.  The program includes a 1 1/2 hour classroom portion with approximately 1/2 hour  "behind the wheel" in the simulator for each participant.

Onsite DPW & Fire Driver Training

The onsite Fire driver training and DPW driver training programs are presented at member locations.  The driving instructor will customize these programs specific to member needs and operations.  The program consists of a 2 -3 hour classroom session with the option of  hands on exercises and coaching.  The training includes a variety of subjects such as  intersections, backing , adverse weather, etc.