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The Training is Closed

OSHA Certification Program: #7400 Noise Hazards & Hearing Protection Construction & General Industries (Oct 13 & 15) Day 2


Categories: Safety/Technical

October 15th, 2020 8:30am - 12:00pm Add to my calendar

In this course we present OSHA’s noise standards, properties of sound, noise-induced hearing loss,

noise exposure control, selection and use of hearing protection, concepts of conducting sound level

surveys and worker training. An effective written hearing protection program includes policies and

procedures which the course participant will become familiar. Also covered are basic physics of

sound and vibration, anatomy and physiology of the ear and the hearing process, effects of noise on

hearing, monitoring, noise control engineering, selection and demonstration of hearing protective

devices and the role of audiometric testing. At the conclusion of the course, the participant will

understand properties of sound and its relationship to noise-induced hearing loss, hearing loss

prevention, hearing protection policies.

Lead Instructor

John Suit

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