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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Behavioral Health Support

Posted on July 11th, 2019 in Individual Resources

Free and confidential support for personal, family and work related concerns that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.

For many, summer is a time to cut loose and indulge a bit. The summer can be a risky period for those struggling with alcohol use. Read How to Cut Back Drinking This Summer and learn tips on how to cut back or cut out alcohol. We also offer help. If you think that you or a loved one might have a substance use or other behavioral health disorder, take our free, confidential, online screening to get insight. 

Traditionally, images of war veterans come to mind for most people when they hear the term post-traumatic stress disorder. While war veterans are certainly among those who can live with PTSD, there many other persons who also live with this anxiety disorder. In the United States, 7 of 10 adults experience some sort of trauma in their lifetime; about 2 of those 7 persons will develop PTSD from the event(s). Read Stay on the Frontline of PTSD to learn more.

Are you extremely worried about everything in your life, even if there is little or no reason to worry? Are you very anxious about just getting through the day? Are you afraid that everything will always go badly? If so, you may have an anxiety disorder called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).  Learn more about the symptoms and how to get help.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) If you are an employee in a MIIA health plan seeking free, confidential mental health help for yourself or a member of your household or a supervisor interested in management training or consultation services for your department, click here. Through our partner, AllOne Health, we provide a comprehensive set of services. Your employer must be enrolled in MIIA EAP for you to participate in this service, so check with your benefits coordinator before contacting MIIA EAP.

Alcohol affects tens of millions of Americans on any given day. Are you concerned about your drinking pattern? We offer a free, confidential Employee Assistance Program. Talk to a counselor 24/7. Get educated, get healthy.

A common misconception about depression is depressed people are simply sad. Read Depression Is Different than Sadness to better understand the difference. Depression is a medical condition that requires treatment. 

All the added stress of the holidays can lead to drinking issues. We offer free and anonymous help, Holidays and Drinking.

Mental Health Screening Tools MIIA has partnered with Screening for Mental Health to provide members access to free, anonymous self-assessment tools to help identify mental health conditions that may be affecting health and wellbeing. Learn more about this private way to determine if professional consultation would be helpful.