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Posted on January 27th, 2021 in Individual Resources

Each month we send members tips and insights on how to improve their physical fitness in our monthly e-newsletter. Check here to find those and other timely articles and resources.

We were not meant to sit in a chair for 8 hours a day. Although you may have had the perfect set-up at the office, working remotely has presented many new challenges. There are several basic workstation improvements you can make to decrease strain, and minimize musculoskeletal symptoms.  Sign up for a free, personalized Workstation Assessment and learn how to improve your workstation.

Do you spend long periods of time sitting in the car, at a table or desk, or on the couch? If so, you may notice your upper back, lower back, or even legs and feet, begin to experience pain, numbness, or tingling after some time. The two most common reasons people experience back pain include poor sitting posture and repetitive flexion of the joints involved. Take a few minutes to read Sitting Too Much? and learn how light exercise and a proper workstation set-up can help.

Discover the best ways to create a successful and well-rounded workout program. Register for our new webinar Tips to Build an Effective Workout. While each person will have different needs and goals, learn the specific types of exercises for a general workout. This webinar will include sample exercises and tips for building your ideal workout program to help keep you moving on a daily basis. Let’s learn how to move more together! As an added benefit download our schedule and guide to assist with your workouts.

Working from home poses ergonomic challenges. Our Ergonomic Posture Resources will help you set up a comfortable and efficient home office. 

Have you been experiencing little aches and pains from this quarantine working-from-home life? You were probably used to walking to your coworker’s cubicle, or up the hall for a meeting, but now? You’re walking to the fridge and back, maybe to the mailbox and back. Lack of movement is one of the main contributors to muscle and joint discomfort. Check out Guidelines for Working Out While Sore, Tired or Fatigued.

Since gyms may be less accessible, we found a number of FREE Virtual Fitness Resources for you to exercise at home. No exercise equipment is necessary. All you need is a laptop or smartphone to access a variety of strength, cardio, and yoga sessions. We also included some free trial exercise programs. Stay home and stay in shape.

Remote Wellness Activities and Services has activities, resources and support services for you to access during this challenging time. These include short exercise videos, quick meditations, nutrition tips, telephonic coaching opportunities, guided live meditations, and more. Also find information and advice on COVID-19. 

Take at home, FREE, live online yoga and meditation classes with Ompractice. Classes for back/neck pain, pre/post-natal yoga, yoga for office workers, chair yoga, and beginner classes for ashtanga and Kripalu yoga have been added to a lengthy list of options. Now open to all employees and immediate family members (not just subscribers) in our member groups

There are many ways to boost your quality of life. But one, in particular, is REALLY good at it! Read this Fitbit Health Solutions primer Boost Heart Health with Physical Activity to learn how moving more can make you and your heart happier and healthier! 

You’re working out 30 minutes a day and eating pretty well, but still feel sluggish and you’re not losing weight...what gives? Are you missing a major ingredient to the health and fitness recipe? Energy expenditure can be broken up into two categories: exercise activity thermogenesis and non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Read The NEAT Thing Missing from Your Wellness Journey and put NEAT to work for you.

There is no such thing as perfect posture.  There are certain positions that may be better or worse-suited for your body depending on your activity but as far as the perfect posture? Nope. Learn how to focus on better alignment of your joints and tendons based on your activity to prevent aches, pains and injuries. Read What Is the Perfect Posture for You?

Learning how to change your perspective and reframe your mindset can have a tremendous effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. Read Changing Your Mindset to learn how to train your mind like your muscles. 

You will, at any given point in your life, encounter some type of physical pain. This could be something mild like a small tweak in your low back that clears up in a day or two, or it could be something much more serious like a chronic shoulder pain that just won’t quit. Sometimes intelligent movement can help. Check out Saying Bye to the Snap, Crackle, Pop. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, 8 out of 10 people will have back pain at some time in their life. There are many approaches to treating back pain. We focus on natural ways including stretching and strengthening in Back Pain: America’s New Normal . Be sure to talk with your doctor before starting any exercise if your pain is severe.

With the increased use of technology and social media, we’ve gotten quite accustomed to straining our neck when looking at our devices. Learn easy lifestyle changes and exercises to avoid "tech neck" by reading What the Neck?? The Importance of Better Posture and Body Alignment.

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions you made four months ago? Are you sticking to them or have they gone by the wayside? If it's the later, here are some tips that may help you reach and stick to your goals.

According to a recent The Washington Post article, approximately 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.  Many have good intentions, but experience roadblocks and challenges while trying to accomplish them. Let’s take a look at Operation 2018 Fitness Resolution to help ensure your goals become reality.

According to a recent The Washington Post article, approximately 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.  Many have good intentions when they set their goals, but experience roadblocks and challenges while trying to accomplish them. Read Operation 2018 Fitness Resolution to help ensure your goals become reality.

Adhering to a strict workout regimen during the holidays is tough. It's easier with a little change in perspective. Instead of trying to complete a grueling workout every day, just try to get in some sort of daily movement. Check out Ways to Stay Active this Holiday Season for exercise tips and videos.

Learn the most effective ways to reach your fitness goals in these top three areas: weight loss, core strength and flexibility by reading What’s the Best Exercise for……….?

Read Sleep and Exercise -- The Perfect Marriage to understand the relationship between sleep and exercise. And how to exercise for better sleep. 

Have problems with lower back pain, general muscle and joint stiffness, and sub-optimum balance and muscular strength? Take a few minutes to read The Two Missing Components to Your Workout.

Direct and no-nonsense was the approach of, Eat This Not That.  It provided quick, easy-to-follow information on what to and what not to eat. We take the same approach with exercises in Do This, Not That -- With Your 207 Workouts

Check out our Quick and Effective Holiday Workouts  including videos. 

Classic recommendations for physical activity recommend 20-60 consecutive minutes per day. Our time is precious so learn how use Every Little bit Helps exercise strategies when your days are too full.

Did your exercise routine slip a little this summer? Get back on track with Fall Fitness After Travel and Vacations. 

One of the most frustrating situations that those who exercise typically battle at least once in their lives is dealing with an injury. Exercising While Injured examines how to maintain a regular exercise regimen while dealing with an injury.

Test your exercise knowledge with our informative Fitness Quiz.

Put the 4 Steps to a Successful Fitness Program to work to help you reach your fitness goals.

Are you still on track with your 2016 health goals? See how to reassess your "plan of attack" and form a  realistic and well planned approach by reading Goal Reassessment.

Looking to join a health club to help meet your New Year Resolution to get in better shape? Read our informative Choosing a Health Club.

Don't let winter put a chill on your exercise program, check out these Energizing Indoor Exercise Options.

Learn how millions of people are increasing their fitness motivation and focus with Self-Directed Exercise with Activity Trackers

Here are 3 Tips for Fall Fitness to rethink and restart your exercise activity.

"Sitting is the new smoking". Find desk-friendly exercises and tips to add movement to your day in Less Sit and More Fit.