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Posted on March 24th, 2020 in Individual Resources

Our new online winter workshop series on mindfulness and how it can help us more effectively manage the “stuff” of our lives is in session. Remaining topics include difficult emotions, chronic pain, caregiving and work. The workshop sessions broadcast live on Mondays from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University School of Public Health.

Learn more about upcoming sessions and our webinar schedule by reviewing  A Taste of Mindfulness.

Taste of Mindfulness: Online Mindfulness Program Materials

Additional Mindfulness Resources

Community Mindfulness Sessions Available Live Online or by Telephone

This is a summary of what we are offering:

–Mondays 5:30pm –6:30pm Sitting Meditation and Discussion

–Tuesdays 11:45am –12pm Mindful Pause

–Wednesdays 12:15am –1:00pm Meditation Session

–Thursdays 9:00am –9:15am Mindful Pause

–Fridays 5:00pm –5:15pm Mindful Yoga Pause

–Saturdays 10:30 –11:30am Loving Kindness Practice and Discussion

–Sundays 10:30am –11:30am Mindful Yoga

Short videos from Dr. Judson Brewer, Director of Research at Brown MIndfulness Center

Making lemonade from lemons. Use these 5 simple tools to cement good mental habits

How to train your brain to use kindness to create connection during a crisis - and make it a habit

How to work with uncertainty (and take it one day at a time)

How to stop compulsively checking the news

How to spread connection instead of contagion

Fear + uncertainty = anxiety. Anxiety + social contagion = panic

Session #6 Materials

Navigating Uncertainty

Session #5 Materials

Mindfulness for the Caregiver

Session #4 Materials

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Chronic Pain

Session #3 Materials

A Mindful Approach to Depression and Anxiety

Session #2 Materials

MIIA Mindful Parenting Workshop Notes

Resources for Parents, Children and Youth

Session #1 Materials

Taste of Mindfulness #1 Webinar Presentation

Taste of Mindfulness Introductory Handout

Guided Mindfulness Practices for Workplace Mindfulness Programs