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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Going Green


Tags: Nutrition

A 10-day self-directed activity program that is open to all employees. Starts on April 22, 2019. Learn how small changes in your food habits and lifestyle can help save the environment.

Going Green

Be an environmentalist in your own small way! Take small steps to help reduce greenhouse gases, limit the use of precious environmental resources, and more! Just taking these small steps will help: 

  •      Reduce food waste
  •      Eat more beans
  •      Eat local
  •      Use your own water bottle
  •      Compost your food waste
  •      Collect rain water to use for your lawn and garden
  •      Stop using your car so much

Click to learn more environmentally-friendly tips along with information about this program and how to sign-up. As usual, prizes are awarded for program completion. Enjoy!

Contact your MIIA Wellness Representative to discuss requests for specific programming.

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