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Tags: Nutrition, Stress Reduction

A 3-week self-directed activity incentive program that is open to all employees. Experience what it’s like to live the lifestyle characteristics of some of the healthiest regions of the world. The program starts on September 13 and ends October 3, 2021.

Passport to Health

In Passport to Health, you will choose from a variety of activities similar to the habits below that account for the long, happy, and healthy lives of special folks around the world. Our hope is that you continue to integrate them into your everyday lives for the long term.

• Move more naturally

• Belong to a faith-based community

• Have life/work purpose

• Down shift

• Stop eating when 80% full (Hara Hachi Bu)

• Eat a plant-based diet

• Consume olive oil regularly

• Move within a healthy/happy circle

• Put loved ones first

Click to learn more about this program and how to sign-up. As usual, prizes are awarded for program completion. Enjoy!

Contact your MIIA Wellness Representative to discuss requests for specific programming.

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