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Love Your Legumes


Tags: Nutrition

A self-directed, "get more beans in your diet", 3-week challenge starting on January 13. Legumes are a uniquely rich plant source of protein, are high in dietary fiber, and supply an impressive array of vitamins and minerals, including iron. Eat just ½ cup a day and earn cool prizes as well.

Love Your Legumes

What’s a legume anyway? Legumes include beans, lentils, split peas, green peas, and peanuts. And they provide a number of physical and environmental health benefits! 

Have you heard all of these recommendations and feel confused or overwhelmed about what to do? 

  •       Eat more plant foods
  •       Increase dietary fiber 
  •       Choose natural foods over processed foods
  •       Get your nutrients from whole foods, not supplements 

There is an easy way to follow all of this sound dietary advice! Simply increase your intake of foods from the legume family. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend most adults consume one to three cups of legumes per week (depending on calorie requirements), but the actual average intake is less than one cup weekly.

The goal of this program is to consume a 1/2 cup a day of legumes for 3 weeks. 

No registration is necessary. Only MIIA/BCBS members may earn prizes. 

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