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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts

Dive into Dental Health


Tags: Nutrition

Self-directed, 3-week program starting on December 14. Did you know that your mouth, gums, and teeth impact the health of your entire body? They are a “window” to your overall health. It’s important to have excellent oral hygiene to keep bacteria under control and reduce inflammation, oral cancer, tooth loss and gum disease (called periodontal disease) that can contribute to other diseases. Learn helpful dental tips and earn cool prizes as well.

Dive into Dental Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts reports; 120 disease symptoms can be detected in your mouth by a dentist and 1 out of every 2 Americans has some form of periodontal disease. 

Dive into dental health when you follow the recommended oral health habits listed on our Tip Sheet. You can make good oral health a lifelong commitment. In order to earn a prize, you must follow numbers 1-5 at least 15 out of the 21 days and return log form to Mary Harrington by January 12, 2021. 

1. Brush your teeth using the proper technique (illustrated on tip sheet) at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste 

2. Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth 

3. Floss daily using the proper technique (illustrated on tip sheet) 

4. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush 

5. Do not drink any soda (of any type), fruit punch, or fruit drink. Only 100% fruit juice is allowed. 

No registration is necessary. Only MIIA/BCBS members may earn prizes. 

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Contact your MIIA Wellness Representative to discuss requests for specific programming.

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