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MIIA is a Membership Service of the Massachusetts



Tags: Exercise, Weight Loss

HEALTH 2018! is designed to encourage and reward active lifestyles. Employees that document regular physical activity will be awarded Well Aware incentive prizes


Exercise 5 days/week, minimum 40 minutes/session

Our most popular program continues in 2018!

1: Make the commitment to exercise at least 5 days a week for 40 minutes a day (your packet outlines examples of acceptable activities). What better year than 2017 to exercise consistently for 12 months!

2: Complete the registration form found on page 4. Return the completed registration form to the name/address indicated on the bottom of the form. We must receive your registration and PAR-Q/Waiver (both on same form) before you can participate in the program, so do that first!

3: Make 4 copies of the progress chart found on page 5 of your packet. You will need one page for each quarter of the year (3 months). Record your exercise on the progress chart (also called log form). Directions are included.

4 Mail your progress chart at the end of each quarter (3 month period). Or, you can fax it to 617-542-6513. Make sure both you and your “supporter” (explained in packet) sign your progress chart.

Prizes will be mailed upon receipt of your completed forms!

All employees may participate, but only MIIA/Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers are eligible for prizes.

Download your packet to start HEALTH 2018!


Contact your MIIA Wellness Representative to discuss requests for specific programming.

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